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Lighthouse Washbasket & Dry Cleaners Lighthouse Laundry on Main 

Our self serve laundromats are coin (quarter) operated. For your convenience, we provide change machines that accept $20, $10, $5, and $1 bills.

Washing Your Laundry

Of course your goal is to have the cleanest laundry. So be sure to pick a large enough washer to accommodate your clothes. This allows for plenty of water and room for the agitator to tumble the clothes. Without enough water or room, the clothes remain unmoved and therefore don't become clean. The tempature of your water should follow the manufacturers label. Be sure to use detergent sparingly. More soap does not mean cleaner clothes. Too much soap will actually shut down the machine. Also check all pockets and remove any items, unravel shirt sleeves, unbunch socks and pant legs. This also helps to get clothes their cleanest!

Bethlehem has the following washer quantities, sizes and costs:

  • (5) Maytag top loaders - $2.50+
  • (18) Double front loaders: holds up to 20 pounds - $2.50+
  • (11) Triple front loaders: holds up to 30 pounds - $4.00+ 
  • (5) 45 pound front loaders - $5.25+
  • (4) 50 pound front loaders - $6.00+
  • (2) 62 pound front loaders - $6.75+
  • (2) 75 pound front loaders - $7.50+

Hellertown has the following washer quantities, sizes and costs:

  • (9) 20 pound front loaders: $2.50+
  • (5) 45 pound front loaders: $5.25+
  • (1) 75 pound front loader: $8.25+

Extracting Your Laundry

Our Bethlehem laundromat is unique in that we offer the service of an extractor. This machine cuts down on your drying time. The extractor quickly spins to remove the excess water from your laundry, when a load of wash is evenly placed within its basket.

We have one extractor at a cost of 2 quarters per load.

Once you utilize this machine, you will never go without it. It's loved by our customers!


Our Hellertown location has the newest technology in our washers that provides the extraction you need without using a separate extractor machine.

Drying Your Laundry

To dry your clothes effeciently, place like clothes together in one dryer. Be sure to allow for plenty of room for the clothes to tumble. Overstuffing the dryer does not allow the hot air to flow between the clothes. This can singe or burn your clothes that get stuck up against the drum because they do not flow throughout the space and it will not dry the clothes stuck in the middle of the drum.  In addition, too many clothes will not allow the drum to move.

Our dryers are energy effecient. They have a double glass door which will not enable you to feel the heat on the glass that is generated inside the drum. You can be assured, the dryers are hot!

Our Bethlehem location has (52) 30 pound dryers at 25 cents for 7 minutes.  There are also (2) 60 pound dryers at 25 cents for 4 minutes and require 50 cents to start.


Our Hellertown location has (8) 45 pound dryers at 25 cents for 5 minutes.  There are (10) 30 pound dryers at 25 cents for 7 minutes.

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