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Tips for a cleaner wash!

The correct process to clean dirty clothes is to allow for plenty of room for unraveled clothes to tumble with plenty of water with as little additional dirt other than what is on the clothing.

Empty all pockets of things and dirt.

Unravel all sleeves, pant legs and socks.

Pull apart fitted sheets from top sheets.

Shake loose dirt/debris off of clothes outside.

Pick the proper washer size.

Use less soap.  If too much soap is used, you will see tons of suds through the door window and this will confuse the electronics of the washer since it won't be able to transition to the next stage because there is still too much soap.  Add softner at this time!

Utilize the pre-wash feature.

Put pods in with your dirty laundry.

Ensure all articles are inside the drum to avoid anything getting stuck in the door upon closing.

Tips for a better dry!

The correct process to dry clothes is to allow for plenty of room for the hot air and the shaken out clothes to tumble.

Check the drum to ensure there is no debris/items.

Clean out the lint drawer.

Make sure the lint drawer is closed all the way.

Shake out all clothes prior to placing into the dryer.

Allow for plenty of room for your clothes to tumble.

Over stuffing the drying can result in items closest to the drum to burn and items in the middle to not dry, since there is no room for the clothes to tumble within the hot air.

Dry like clothes with like clothes - such as jeans together, towels together etc.

During the drying time for comforters and blankets, reposition them to ensure all areas are exposed to the heat to avoid singe spots.

Do not over dry clothes.

Drape dry clothes over laundry carts to air out before beginning the folding process.

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