Lighthouse Washbasket & Dry Cleaners Lighthouse Laundry on Main
Lighthouse Washbasket & Dry Cleaners Lighthouse Laundry on Main 

Small Business Wash & Fold Services

Save time when doing the laundry for your small business!  Just bring it on it to our Bethlehem location...and let us do the work!


Many local small businesses utilize our Wash & Fold Service to clean their towels, sheets, rags, table cloths, fish filters, transport bags etc.


Local universities, community colleges, art programs, community groups, church groups, salons, massage therapists, chiropractic offices are just some of the types of businesses that we service.


Your clean laundry will be cleaner than ever, folded neatly and nicely packaged ready for you to pick it up!


Your Wash & Fold Experts - Serving You Since 1988!

Lighthouse Washbasket & Dry Cleaners

Laundromat/Dry Cleaning/Wash & Fold

1621 Stefko Blvd.Bethlehem, PA 18017



Lighthouse Laundry On Main

Laundromat ONLY

1109 Main St.

Hellertown, PA 18055

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