Lighthouse Washbasket & Dry Cleaners Lighthouse Laundry on Main
Lighthouse Washbasket & Dry Cleaners Lighthouse Laundry on Main 
Lighthouse Washbasket has been servicing the laundry needs of the Lehigh University students for over 15 years with our Wash & Fold Pick-up and Delivery service!

How Does It Work?

Weekly we arrive on campus to pick-up the dirty laundry from the students and then deliver their clean clothes several days later. On Mondays, the students who have signed up receive a call asking if they need laundry service this week. During the call, a time is established as to when we will be at their building on campus that night. Once we meet the student, we then establish a time for drop off either on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on their schedule. Many students actually call us to arrange for laundry service that week.
Payment is made either through a credit card (VISA, MasterCard or Discover) or through their GOLD Plus card.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is determined by the weight of your wash, if you request pressing or if there are items that require dry cleaning or special handling. The price per pound is $1.25 with a $3.00 delivery charge. Dry cleaning prices can be found on our Dry Cleaning page. Pricing for pressing and special handling items can be found on our Wash & Fold Service page.

How Do I Get Started?

Students can sign up for our service at the annual Lehigh University Expo that takes place on the first day of classes every fall. At our table, we will introduce ourselves and answer any questions. We love meeting the students that day. The students can "Spin the Wheel" to win prizes, such as T-Shirts, koozies and frisbees.
If a student is unable to attend the Expo, he, she or a parent may call Joann at 610-428-9171 to arrange for the service and to set up payment arrangements.

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