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Lighthouse Washbasket & Dry Cleaners Lighthouse Laundry on Main 

We are your Wash & Fold Experts in the Lehigh Valley!



At our Bethlehem location, our laundry attentants offer individual attention to your dirty laundry. Bring it on in to our office (Monday - Friday 8 AM to 6 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 3 PM) and we will:

  • properly separate clothing for individualized loads
  • use all-free detergent, if requested
  • pre-treat heavily soiled items
  • not co-mingle your clothes
  • fold and neatly bag your laundry for pick-up
  • hang specific items, if requested
  • press specific items at an additional cost, if requested
We use the following laundry products: Tide, Gain, Oxi-Clean, Snuggles, Bleach

Your laundry will be washed, dried and folded at a price per pound. Laundry weighing less than 15 pounds will be processed at the cost of 15 pounds. Specific items such as: coats, comforters and rugs, and other specialty items are priced out separately and are not included in the price per pound. Pressing of requested items is charged as a per item cost. Items needing to be dry cleaned will also be priced separately.  Our Wash and Fold Service is processed Monday through Friday, although you may drop off or pick up on a Saturday.  


Choose from the following services to satisfy your laundry needs at our Bethlehem Location ONLY.  Please note: high volumes at times may limit our ability to provide a specified turn around time.  However, at time of drop off you will know what options are available to you.


Drop off your dirty laundry prior to 11 AM and you can pick up your clean wash two days later after 4 PM.

Cost is $1.20 a pound.


Drop off your dirty laundry prior to 10 AM and you can pick up your clean wash the next day after 4 PM.  This service is not available for a drop off on Friday and a pick up on Saturday.  High volume may effect our ability to provide this turn around.

Cost is $2.00 per pound.


Drop off your dirty laundry prior to 10 AM and pick up your wash between 5 PM and 6 PM on the same day.  This service is not available on Saturday.  High volume may effect our ability to provide this turn around.

Cost is $2.50 per pound.

Specific Item Cost with Wash & Fold Wash

Blankets: $10 to$18

Spreads & Quilts: $14 to $22 

Comforters: $15 to $40+

Duvets: $8 to $17

Mattress Pads: $10 to $25, add $6 for water proof

Pillows: $8 to $12+

Rugs: $6 to $15

Sleeping Bags: $15 to $25

Jackets: $12.50 to $19.00 


*Price range allows for different sizes, materials and linings.

Pressing with Wash & Fold Wash

Shirts/Polos: $3.00 - $4.00

Linen Shirts/Tops: $8.00

Jersey Sport/Football Shirts: $8.00 - $12.00

Pants/Jeans/Shorts: $7.00

Linen Pants: $8.75

Dresses: $14.50+

Your Wash & Fold Experts - Serving You Since 1988!

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